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Honey, I miss you with all
my heart and soul.
I would do anything to have
you here with us again.
I would trade places with you
in a second.
Thank you for being my daughter.
I enjoyed you from day 1.
I miss you so very much,
your laughter, your beauty,
your humor, your loudness
and even your
just all of you sweetie
My heart aches to hold
and hug you once again.
You touched so many peoples' lives
and were cared about
by so many people
You were so brave and I admire
you for your courage.
I am so sorry for not being able
to protect you from Aids.
In my heart, you live on,
always there, never gone.
You will live forever in my heart.
I pray to God that
there will be a day
that I will again be able to hold you
and hug you once again.
Have a good 30th birthday honey.
I miss you so deeply it hurts so much
I hope you are celebrating
with all the angels
and are having a wonderful day
Sending you a great big
teddybear hug to my

Your grieving Mom



The days that go bye without you
are very hard and I miss you.
One day we will meet
at those Golden Gates
and again will hug upon a cloud
and you will give me the tour,
because I know by now you will know
all the best places to go.
I want you to know
your loss has changed me
in so many ways
and I'm sure you can see.
Wasn't long after you left
I seen these words
that gripped my heart and soul.
" Every sunrise is the begining
of a new day,
to use as you will.
You can waste it or use it for good.
What you do today is important,
because you are exchanging
a day of your life for it.
When tomorrow comes
this day will be gone for ever.
In it's place is something
you have left behind.
Let it be something good
make everyday count.
And have a wonderful tomorrow."
This is so simple and has helped me
change in so many ways.
I miss and love you so much.
And will never forget
or ever let your memory die.
I also want to thank you
from the bottom of my heart
for being my oldest daughter.
And proud I am
you called me Dad.
Love Always

Your Dad


I have been honored to have
gotten the chance to know you
thru your wonderful parents.
You are a beautiful, Couragous
Young woman, whom I admire
You are Sadly Missed and
Forever Loved by Many

Love ~ Angel ~

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