From the moment my little girl was born,
love filled my heart instantly.
Now, as I look back on her tracks of life,
I hold that love so close to me.

Life is not always as it should be.
It happens time and time again.
People are touched by different tragedies;
Taking them where they've never been.

We never think a disease such as AIDS,
will ever strike our protected world.
But it can and did that a horrible day ...
Then claimed the life of our little girl.

Oh but she just wasn't one to give up.
Always a smile to light up her face.
Even through the pain and distresses ...
her beautiful smile was never erased.

Her precious life touched so many.
A legacy of family and friends.
When the days were too hard to live through ...
On these same people she could depend.

Yes, from the moment I saw my little girl,
I was wrapped around her finger.
As her Mom and watching her suffer ...
It tore me apart to watch her linger.

But today, as I ponder on the wonder of her ...
And her strength to fight that fight.
Our little girl smiles down from Heaven ...
Still filling our hearts with delight.

~Kaye Des'Ormeaux~
Copyright Kaye Des'Ormeaux
Written November 18,2004
Dedicated to Susan Huddleston
In Loving Memory of her daughter,


2004 All Rights Reserved